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Jan 31

Week 2 Puzzle & take-aways from first practice


Edited: Feb 4

Well done on your first coaching session. We were impressed! How did it go for you? Is there anything we could have done to better help you get started? I can think of a few things: pencils and white board pens, for a start : ).


Next week, remember to get your children set up as teams, facing each other. Mix them up from this week's order perhaps - finding a way to get them really working with each other starts with how you seat them.


We find that setting the task up as a contest often helps focus their attention. Don't forget to keep time and leave about 20 minutes for discussion at the end. Next week's puzzle is called Royal Mangoes. Here's the link, you'll need to sign in to access it. Email me at info@mathsteams.org if you have any trouble. Only current coaches have access to puzzles.



New Posts
  • We will meet in the dinning hall on Thursday. The afternoon will be split into two parts. The first is a maths relay and the second is the farewell and prize giving. You'll get the instructions you need for the rally on the day. For the prize giving, make sure you bring your comments about each of your children. Don't wing it. They'll notice. See you soon!
  • You did a fab job coaching last week. It was a joy to watch so many of the children super focussed and looking up at their worthy role models. Thank you. This week teams will do their 3 minute presentations. While they aren’t presenting, they’ll have puzzles to do. Points will be won for both The puzzles and presentations. The only thing you need to know is that we need to be relatively quick so we can give everyone a go. See you Thursday.
  • It is competition time! The contest will run over the coming four Thursdays with coaches and teams earning points to see who will be crowned the winner. Challenge 1 is our mathematical investigation and starts this week. Here is the information you will need. Please read it before Thursday. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HizR-QVNMCIKvujtfTAjMv8tcv-pIRes If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email info@mathsteams.org